Germans Who Were NOT Exonerated

Germans who were repressed and, according to the enforced laws of that time were not permitted to be exonerated.

This list of Repressed Germans is my ongoing effort to retrieve as many of the Russian repression era files as possible.

This list of Germans who were repressed and were not permitted exoneration is a list of Germans who were arrested and not exonerated for their alleged crime(s). Since these people were not eligible for exoneration they also did not qualify for later rehabilitation which permanently left them labeled as criminals.

In addition to providing the names of the arrested who were not exonerated, the list also includes all of the vital information of the arrested individuals; such as place and year of birth, place of residence, alleged crime and the sentence. In some cases the list states that there are photographs available for the arrested. Unfortunately, at this time there is no additional information nor are any photographs provided with this list.

Most of the people who were arrested during this period, had not committed a criminal act. In order to justify their atrocities, the authorities would fabricate alleged crimes by the people or use one of their many standby catch all laws, such as article  58-1 “a:” to arrest whomever they pleased. The issue was not whether the individual had committed a crime; the authorities used the accusations to control the populace. 

As was the case of most of the arrests during the repression period, family members of the people who are on this list were never notified about the fate of the arrested.