MVD Family Unit Relationships

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In this series of MVD records, we have complete personal files of an individual’s
activity during his/her incarceration and a complete listing of extended family unit relationships of families who were incarcerated.

The Individual’s MVD file is a beautiful representation of the entire profile and activity surrounding an individual while they were incarcerated. These files contain some vital information such as births and deaths, which took place while the people were incarcerated and to date can not be found at any other place. Additionally, the files also provide a photograph of the person. However, the most probable revelation of these files is the relentless pursuit that the Soviet authorities had placed on individuals whom they perceived to be a threat to the system or just wanted to settle an old score. The Soviet revolution of 1917 saw the beginning of the massive arrests. The Second World War ended in 1945 yet, these records show that the Soviets were arresting people well into the 1950s.

The Family Unit Relationship file as with all other files that I have posted on this site is only a partial listing of the material, which is available in the SBU Archive in Odessa, Ukraine. In order to present a respectable table of families, I did a random selection of families from the Kutschurgan villages. This file presents a clear picture of individuals who were incarcerated as a family unit. The precise year(s) of compilation of the file was not listed. However, we know that it took place in the mid 1950s. While this list was not intended as a census, it probably is as close as one will ever get to know who had survived the hardship of the labor camps until the 1950s.


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