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August 2017 - Germans Living in Odessa

Published a listing of records of Germans that were living in the Odessa region during the World War II timeline.

Also published a letter from the Institute for Ethnic Studies that identifies their activity plans for 2017.

June 2014 - New Records Added
Added a list of new records of Germans who were not exonerated. This list of Germans who were repressed and were not permitted exoneration is a list of Germans who were arrested and not exonerated for their alleged crime(s).
February 2013 - New Arrest Listings Added

Two new MVD arrest listings (listing 3 and 3A) have been added to the site on the MVD Arrest page.

The two lists are a continuation of names of people who had been arrested by the MVD after WWII and incarcerated in the Forced Labor camps.

April 2012 - kulak - Dekulakized List Added

I have received a large listing of Dekulakized individuals, which I have posted at the bottom of the new Kulak page.

As always, the content on this site is protected by copyright law. By taking content or reproductions of section of the site without expressed permission from myself is in direct violation of copyright law. If there is copyright information that you are interested in, please contact me.

February 2012 - KGB NKVD Witness Interrogations Records

Actual KGB NKVD witness interrogations records are now available. I have published a master listing, as well as 2 actual Witness Interrogation Records which have been transcribed into English. This new information can be found within the NKVD Arrests page.

As always, if you would like full access to the documents, or would like to discuss my existing and future research endeavours, please feel free to contact me

January 2012 - Update to the MVD Arrests

I have received some new informationand updated the MVD Arrests page. The main Odessa MVD Arrest List 1, which contains 4,500 names has been updated to refect the release of photographs of the individuals. I have also created a listing of 100 names of people for whom the photo's have already been retrieved, along with some sample photos of what people could expect.

As previously mentioned below, all content appearing on this site is protected by copyright law.

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July 2011 - Copyright Reminder

Just a reminder to site visitors, the content of this site is protected by copyright law. By taking content or reproductions of sections of the site without expressed permission is in direct violation of copyright law.

I've added a few simple reminders about this copyright on my key record pages.

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April 2011 - Site Changes

Added another record to the Odessa Civil Marriage Records document.

Added 2 new links - Institute for Research of Expelled Germans and Myths About Copyright Explained, which does an excellent job of describing the Copyright laws, specific to electronic media and why this site is protected under Copyright legislation.

I recently received a large amount of data from the Archive regarding MVD Arrests. With this data, there are some additional information such as some detailed arrest records. However, the Archive has decided that at this time, this is all of the information that they willing to release. Again, this information is protected by Copyright law. If you would like access to the full documentation, please contact me.

January 2011 - Site Changes

A lot of content has been added to the site - so much so, I've split the Records page by adding some more links. Recently added is the NKVD Arrests link and the Odessa Civil Records (birth, death, marriage).

The NKVD page now lists Odessa NKVD Arrests, Kiev NKVD Arrests, and a typical arrest record.

The Odessa page has birth, death, and marriage records, as well as a typical birth, death and marriage record.

February 2010 - Site Changes

What's New - The first site change is the creation of this What's New page. Due to content being added continuously, I thought it best to keep everyone updated on what's new on the site. As new content is added to the site, or new books are published, I'll mention it here first and provide a link. This way, you'll know at a glance, as to the various changes to the site.

Records - I've created a Records page which will list off the various records that can be found on this site. Here you'll find the EWZ Records, the new Filtration Camp records, and the MVD and NKVD Arrest Records.

Filtration Camp Records - I have been working with The Institute of Ethnic Studies in Odessa and am extremely grateful for the support that they have provided. I am now able to post the names of approximately 6,000 ethnic Germans who were processed through the filtration camps, as well as several other filtration camp documents.

November 2009 - MVD Arrest data added
Added the MVD Arrest files in PDF format to the Records page. I apologize for the water mark that is on the PDF files, however the information is copyright and requires a form of copy protection. If you are interested in the data contained within these copy-protected documents, please feel free to e-mail me to discuss.