MVD List of Kutschurgan Families exiled in the 1940s

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, Lenin and Stalin send countless numbers of people to the forced labor camps and Gulags in Siberia.

When Germany invaded Russia in 1941, Stalin immediately send all of the ethnic Germans from the Volga, Crimea and Caucasus regions to labor camps in Siberia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Along with the retreating German Army from Russia in 1944, most of the Black Sea Germans evacuated and resettled in Poland. However, for personal reasons some ethnic Germans elected to remain in their homes in Russia. Additionally, over 75 percent of the residents of the village of Selz weren’t able to evacuate. After the war those people were immediately send to the labor camps.

Also, in accordance with the Yalta agreement, Stalin was allowed to repatriate people from the ‘East’. Thereby, many Black Sea Ethnic Germans were later apprehended and also send to the Labor camps in Siberia, Kazakhstan and other eastern countries.

This list of names includes people from the Kutschurgan area who had remained in Russia and people who later were apprehended outside of Russia and send to the Labor camps.  EWZ records may exist for people who were apprehended outside of Russia.