Our earliest known Schmidtheisler ancestor is Michael Schmidtheisler born about 1705. His place of birth and origin are unknown. However, we do know that his grandson Johann Adam was born in 1765 in the village of Ersingen, Baden, Germany. Sometime during his life, Johann Adam moved to the village of Niederroedern, Alsace where in 1808 he immigrated to the Kutschurgan village of Elsass in Russia.

While living in Russia, the extended Schmidtheisler family primarily lived in the village of Elsass.

The combination name of Schmidt-heisler has a German meaning of Schmid (blacksmith) and Heisler (a small farmstead in Germany or a small house) with roots from the Swiss/Tyrol region.

The only passport that I have been able to retrieve of any of my ancestors of when they emigrated from Germany to Russia is that of Johann Adam Schmidtheisler.