The Arrest and Execution of Bishop Alexander Frison

This file is on the arrest and conviction of a Roman Catholic Bishop. However, the same fate faced all clergy under the rule of Lenin and Stalin.

The file exhibits the extent; which the Communist authorities used to not only spy on the clergy, but also on all of their associates and acquaintances. It is representative of the Soviet Government (Communist) approach to religion of all denominations. Religion must cease to exist. In his book Hide Me Within Thy Wounds: The Persecution of the Catholic Church in Russia, I. I. Osipova. States, that dictators cannot tolerate religion, because if there is no religion; “There is no God, therefore, everything is possible: all is permitted. In other words, all of the boundaries of morality are gone.”

Additional factors for when religious tolerance is permitted, it is harder to influence and indoctrinate people. Also, religion unifies a community, which is an obstacle for an Authoritarian government. Also, if a tyrant can erase the past, future generations will not know what they are missing.

The leaders of the party were determined to eliminate the church by eliminating the Clergy. Their methodology was to arrest all members of the clergy. Since legitimate facts for an arrest rarely existed, they simply would fabricate a case. The NKVD validated their actions in accordance with the old Roman proverb that ‘the result justified the means’.